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On August 14, 2018, the Reserve Unit’s Administrative Division concluded its 14- month pilot to test a new electronic collaboration application.  This application is called BAND. All members who did not participate in the pilot are now being invited to join. The app shall be used to make announcements, post news, schedule events, training and other activities relevant to the Reserve Unit. BAND now becomes the official electronic collaboration tool for the Fulton County Sheriff’s Office Reserve Unit and shall replace the current scheduling tools and processes within a few weeks. What is BAND?  Well, BAND is an Android and iOS app that makes it easy to connect to a group’s coworkers securely. Furthermore, BAND allows voting using group polls, group messaging, the ability to create photo albums and a shared calendar with events relevant to the organization. There are three types of BAND groups: Secret Band, Closed Band, and […]

Are you interested in taking the first step in discovering an exciting career within the Fulton County Sheriff’s Office? The Fulton County Sheriff’s Office Reserve Unit is seeking qualified members from our community who meet the standards necessary to become a Fulton County Sheriff’s reserve deputy. The Fulton County Sheriff’s Office invites you to consider a second career to serve in a state and nationally accredited law enforcement agency. We offer an opportunity to work in one of the finest law enforcement agencies in the state and country. The Fulton County Sheriff’s Office offers qualified individuals a chance to experience working with diverse cultures and communities in Atlanta and throughout Fulton County. The Sheriff’s Reserve Deputy program is comprised of civic minded members like you, former full-time law enforcement officers, and retired deputies who wish to volunteer as Reserve Deputies. These deputies supplement the full-time deputies in a variety of […]

Excerpts from the “Condensed History of the Fulton County Sheriff’s Office Reserve Unit” document. Research did not uncover the formation date of the organization, its initial commander, strength, rank structure and divisions.  However, it was learned that before the organization became the Reserve Unit that we know today, it was formed as a Sheriff’s Posse.  This group of individuals assisted mostly in search and rescue efforts, civic and other non-law enforcement roles. In 2017, the Reserve Unit was comprised of two groups of individuals who were desirous of supporting the Sheriff’s Office.  The first group consisted of sworn, state certified reserve deputies and the second, retirees who once served as sworn full-time deputies of the Sheriff’s Office. Today’s Reserve Unit has nearly 200 members who average over 18,000 hours of service to the community each year.  It provides security for community events, conducts massive cell searches at the Fulton County Jail, serves […]

  Each year, deputies of the Fulton County Sheriff’s Office Reserve Unit provide law enforcement coverage for a host of civic activities during the course of the year.  Historically, our deputies provide security, escort and/or traffic control duties while working the following special events: Martin Luther King Parade, Old Savior’s Day Motorcade, Black History Month Parade, Atlanta Zoo Beastly Feast, NPU-Q Annual 5K Run, Juneteenth Parade, Summerhill Parade, Fulton County Sheriff’s Office Homeless Initiative, Pittsburgh Community Parade, FirED Up 5K Run, Fulton County Sheriff’s Office Annual Youth H.Y.P.E. Conference, Morris Brown Homecoming Parade, Clark Atlanta/Morehouse Homecoming Parade, Christmas Kwanzaa Parade, AFD 16 Holiday Community Party, Party for Special Citizens, and Helping Hands International