Reserve Unit Launches New Electronic Collaboration App


On August 14, 2018, the Reserve Unit’s Administrative Division concluded its 14- month pilot to test a new electronic collaboration application.  This application is called BAND. All members who did not participate in the pilot are now being invited to join. The app shall be used to make announcements, post news, schedule events, training and other activities relevant to the Reserve Unit.

BAND now becomes the official electronic collaboration tool for the Fulton County Sheriff’s Office Reserve Unit and shall replace the current scheduling tools and processes within a few weeks.

What is BAND?  Well, BAND is an Android and iOS app that makes it easy to connect to a group’s coworkers securely. Furthermore, BAND allows voting using group polls, group messaging, the ability to create photo albums and a shared calendar with events relevant to the organization.

There are three types of BAND groups: Secret Band, Closed Band, and Public Band. Secret Band is a non-searchable group where members can join only via invitation. This is how BAND for the Reserve Unit is set up. Closed Band is a searchable group, but only joined members can see the content. Public Band is a searchable group whose content is accessible to non-members as well.

 Unlike messaging apps, BAND has a membership system where Admins and Co-Admins have certain privileges, including Admin-only posting, deleting other members’ content, approving/disapproving membership, removing members, or restricting sending out invitations to non-members.

Note:  Even though encrypted, this tool shall NOT be used to share law enforcement sensitive information.