Reserve Divisions

The Fulton County Sheriff’s Reserve Unit has two management commands under which the divisions operate: The Administration Command and the Operations Command.  These commands are led by two captains. The Administration Command consists of the Administrative Division, while the Operations Command consists of the following divisions: Law Enforcement, Jail, and Court Services.

The four divisions are under the leadership of a lieutenant, with sergeants supervising their respective sections and platoons.

Each division was created and designed to meet specific needs for our volunteers and the community.  These divisions allow us to focus specific deputies on specific task. By doing this, we always stand ready with experienced personnel in each area.  Members who join the reserve unit will choose which division they feel they will be the greatest asset to and can bring their appropriate skills to. From Motorcycles, to warrant enforcement, to jail response teams, and emergency response teams, our reserve unit has it all. Please take a moment to review specific information about each division below.

Law Enforcement Division (Lt. Mfon Essien)

The Unit’s Law Enforcement Division’s primary responsibility is to provide support to the full-time deputies in the Law Enforcement Division.  In this division we assist in the execution of criminal arrest warrants, civil document service, sex offender registration, traffic enforcement, prisoner transport, and patrol duties. Members of this unit go through an approved Field Training program after they have completed the basic police academy. Graduates of the field training program may work solo, with another reserve officer, or a full time deputy. Many of the Reserve deputies working in this division have more than five (5) years of experience. You will be in good hands during your field training program. This division is truly the most exciting and rewarding in the reserve. If you want to work the streets, then this is the division for you.

Motorcycle Unit

The Fulton County Sheriff’s Office does not maintain its own Motorcycle Division, so the Reserve Unit’s Motorcycle section provides the only motorcycle support to the Sheriff’s Office. The Motorcycle Unit consists of reserve members who utilize their personally‐owned, properly outfitted and marked motorcycles to support the Sheriff’s Office during special events, parades and funeral processions. Specializing in traffic control and safety, the deputies in the Motorcycle Unit play an important role in keeping Fulton County’s streets and highways moving effectively during large and small traffic events. If you own a motorcycle that fits our requirements, and would like to take your riding to a new level, then the Motorcycle Unit just may be for you!

Transfer Unit

The Transfer Unit provides support to the full-time deputies in the Law Enforcement Division’s Transfer Unit.  Members of this Unit assist in transferring prisoners between the main Jail, courts and other detention centers within Fulton County.

Jail Division (TBD)

The Jail Division of the Fulton County Sheriff’s Reserve provides support for the many full‐time deputies and detention officers who work in the Fulton County Jail Complex. Our jail is one of the largest in the State of Georgia. Housing more than 1800 inmates, members of the Jail Division work alongside full‐time officers at all levels of the jail operation, including visitation, intake, and tower operations.  Members of the Jail Division are proud to assist the Sheriff of Fulton County in running the Fulton County Jail. If you are interested in helping to maintain the security of the Jail Complex, then after 80 hours of training, we can make you a certified Jailer in the State of Georgia. Come be a part of this important volunteer team!

Jail Response Team

The Jail Division also staffs a fully‐trained Jail Response Team that is responsible for conducting inmate housing inspections and searches for contraband and other items to ensure the safety of the jail, its personnel, visitors, and other inmates.

Court Services Division (Lt. Haywood Cooper)

The members of the Court Services Division of the Sheriff’s Reserve provide security in and around the Fulton County Courthouse Complex. It’s the job of these reserve deputies to ensure that the visitors and staff of the courthouse are safe and secure while conducting their business. The Court Services Division reserve deputies are trained in court room and building security, just like the full‐time deputies who secure those facilities. Working in the Courthouse provides a unique perspective on the judicial process in Fulton County. If you’re interesting in providing this needed service to citizens of Fulton County, then join the Reserve and we’ll put you to work!

Administrative Services Division (Lt. Byron Kennedy)

This division includes the following Units/sections:  Training, Logistics, Special Operations Teams and the Technology & Communications Section.


The Fulton County Sheriff’s Office has some of the best training in Georgia to offer its reserve deputies. Utilizing both full‐time and reserve certified instructors through the Fulton County Public Safety Training Center, we provide all the necessary training to certify our reserve deputies per the Georgia Peace Officer Standards and Training Council (POST). The annual training requirements are completed by our deputies at the Fulton County Training Academy and our own facilities. We coordinate our in‐service training sessions throughout the year to keep our deputies current on required training. If you’re interested in receiving outstanding training in law enforcement, the join the Fulton County Sheriff’s Reserve Unit and we’ll provide you with all the training you’ll need!  If you are a current instructor, we welcome your wisdom and experience.

Special (Operations) Teams

Fulton County Sheriff’s Office (Reserve) Emergency Response Unit (ERU) is one of the special operations teams within the Reserve Unit. The ERU team provides a variety of Law Enforcement and Public Safety functions to the Citizens of Fulton County, as well as to other jurisdictions within the State of Georgia in general, upon request and permission of the Sheriff of Fulton County.

The ERU team is comprised of a group of highly trained, skilled, and specially qualified tactically proficient certified Peace Officers, who act primarily in an unconventional law enforcement role in the “Street Level Crime Suppression and Operational Contingency (ie: tactical field operational) Modes.

The  ERU team specifically provides and offers the Fulton County Sheriff’s Office the ability to quickly respond to emergencies and contingencies with a “Rapid Reaction Backup Force” to aid and assist uniformed deputies and officers, who are performing the missions of: crowd control, traffic control, conventional law enforcement operations, and general crime suppression on the streets and in the area of the jurisdiction.

The Special Teams Unit also includes a Medical team. These deputies are certified EMT’s and paramedics with law enforcement authority. They assist the agency’s full time SWAT team, provide medical coverage of the courthouse, and rapid response to medical emergencies at large scale events.

Logistics/Special Events

The Logistics/Special Events Section is charged with the responsibility of planning and coordinating the numerous special events that the members of the Reserve Unit work each year.  These special events may include the annual Martin Luther King Day Parade, Black History Month parade, local university homecoming parades, 5K runs/walks, and other public and cultural events.

Technology & Communications

The Technology & Communications Section has the responsibility for managing the Reserve Unit’s Information Technology (IT) infrastructure and for improving the communications within the Unit.  This includes managing the Reserve Unit’s website and its online time management system that is used to record the deputies’ training, events worked and other duty assignments. This section also works with others to provide collaborative tools to improve the Unit’s communications effectiveness. The Technology & Communications Section is also charged with updating the online hiring documents used by Reserve deputy applicants.